Leading Adults Toward a Better Tomorrow

2019 Conference Agenda

Thursday, March 7, 2019

7:30 am-8:30 am          Breakfast/registration

8:30 am-9:00 am          Welcome 

9:00 am-10:00 am        Opening Session - Creating Learning Spaces - Kevin Gecowets

Adult learning is heavily contextual and dependent on conditions that promote learning. The ability to solve complex problems requires reflection, embracing uncertainty, socialization, and communication, risking, and experimenting with new ways of knowing, being, and acting. However, the demands of our organizations, scarcity, power dynamics, and politics present external barriers to these ways of being and doing. Internal barriers like habits, fears, and external locus of control can lead to lack of efficacy and failure to learn. Social demands, conformity, inequity, perceived power and lack of shared meaning complicate these issues in the interpersonal space. This session will discuss these barriers to learning, and discuss strategies for managing those barriers to create spaces conducive for adult learning and growth.

10:00 am-10:10 am      Break

10:10 am-11:00 am      Panel Presentation - Partnerships in Continuing Education - Rusty Denning

                                         and Melissa Terbrueggen

Partnerships are an increasingly important way to build your continuing education and contract training programs.  From individual courses to programs and initiatives, partnerships are the portal to connect business, industry, and the community with your institution.  Come hear from two leading partnership development professionals and discover the different kinds of partnerships that work and the keys to making them successful.  

11:00 am-11:10 am      Break

11:10 am-12:00 pm      Concurrent Sessions

                                          Best Practices in Program Development - Melanie Baer, Deborah Champion,

                                          Kathleen Kosmoski, & Karen LaMarsh

                                          Are you struggling to develop new programs? Unsure of what new programs to

                                          offer? Our panel of presenters have over 60 years of combined experience in

                                          course development, marketing, and coordination. During this session, you will

                                          learn some best practices to help you demystify the secrets of program


                                        Goodwill Programs & Partnerships Employing People, Improving Lives

                                        Goodwill Career Centers offer a broad range of support services to help give job

                                        seekers and edge.  From building soft skills and developing entry-level skills to

                                        strength identification and career counseling, Goodwill is helping put people to

                                        work.  Come hear from top Goodwill executives on how they are working with

                                        local universities and colleges to provide training programs throughout Georgia.

12:00 pm-12:15 pm      Break

12:15 pm-1:45 pm        Business Meeting & Awards Luncheon
                                         The Future of GAEA!

1:45 pm-2:00 pm           Break

2:00 pm-2:50 pm           Concurrent Sessions

                                          Quality Matters! – Karen LaMarsh

                                           Continuing and professional education provides an opportunity for

                                           institutions/organizations to serve a broader range of learners; but meeting

                                           these learners’ needs and expectations can be a challenge. We will look at

                                           opportunities and strategies for continuing education professionals to provide                                              quality throughout the development and delivery of excellent courses. How do

                                           you develop a strategic plan for ensuring quality programs? We will discuss

                                           everything from needs assessment to evaluation. IACET accreditation will also

                                           be discussed.

                                         Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan – Chase Highley,  Green Stone Media

                                         Every organization has goals and objectives. However, the lack of budget, the

                                         right resources, and most importantly - a strategy - can make it challenging for

                                         many companies to accomplish what they would like to do. During this session,

                                         you will learn about a proven framework that has helped many organizations

                                         exceed their goals, create new business to business partnerships, and increase

                                         their brand awareness.

2:50 pm-3:00 pm           Break

3:00 pm-3:50 pm           Concurrent Sessions

                                          WorkSource Georgia Update - John Helton

                                          This workshop will provide a broad overview of the Workforce Innovation and

                                          Opportunity Act (WIOA), how the legislation is delivered across Georgia,

                                          available funding resources, special projects funding, and the role of workforce

                                          boards in the greater workforce development system.  Bring your questions,

                                          ideas and concerns for this interactive discussion. 

                                         Digital Marketing – Chase Highley, Green Stone Media​

                                         These days, navigating the digital landscape can be challenging. In Continued

                                         Education, the decision makers you work with are many different people looking

                                         for your services in various ways and places. Come to this session to learn how

                                         to use Digital Marketing Solutions to boost awareness & engagement and

                                         generate qualified leads.

5:00 pm                           Networking and  silent auction

Friday, March 8, 2019

7:30 am-8:30 am            Breakfast

8:30 am-9:20 am            Concurrent Sessions

                                           Providing Value With LinkedIn - Jessica Thompson & Nick Timmons

                                           LinkedIn can be a great place to promote what you offer amongst a network of

                                          dedicated business professionals who could potentially become employers or

                                          employees. During this session, we’ll talk about what it takes to make your

                                          efforts count on this platform.

                                          Take 10! - Utilizing Internal Partnerships to Revitalize the Workforce – Cher

                                          Brister & Stephanie Rooks

                                          Are you maximizing partnerships within your institution? Learn how to work

                                          with multiple departments to make a difference AND a profit by examining

                                          Gwinnett Technical College’s Take 10 Program.


9:20 am-9:30 am            Break

9:30 am-10:20 am          Concurrent Sessions

                                           Using the User Journey Map to Create Effective Landing Pages -

                                           Nick Timmons

                                          This presentation will introduce you to the Customer Journey Map as a tool for

                                           creating excellent customer experiences. We'll explore what the map is and

                                           how it works, then we'll apply what we've learned to create an effective landing

                                           page to reach users in large organizations who are looking for group



                                           Building a Successful Contract Training Program - Rusty Denning

                                           In this session participants will learn about the various components of building

                                           a successful contract training program and how to integrate them into their

                                           existing program set-up.  Key topics covered will include: Organizational

                                           Structure, Lead Generation, Needs Analysis , New Product Development, Return

                                           on Investment, Client Loyalty, and Pricing Models. Use these best practices from

                                           successful programs to grow your own.

10:20 am-10:30 am        Break

10:30 am-11:30 am        Closing Speaker - Creativity, Attitude, and Motivation - Comedian, Larry Weaver

Professional comedian and business leader Larry Weaver uses clean humor, funny anecdotes, and emotionally charged stories to illustrate the importance of creativity, attitude, and motivation. These topics are crucial to success in any venture, whether your focus is leadership, teamwork, customer service, sales, change, or just reducing stress. You audience will laugh, learn, and leave feeling refreshed.
Key Points Include:
* Creativity – write your story, brainstorm effectively, and overcome obstacles.
* Attitude – tune out distractions, embrace change, and reduce stress.
* Motivation – find energy, practice excellence, and achieve your goals.

11:30 am                          Closing remarks