Our Association's leadership includes public and private colleges and universities and nonprofit organizations in the state of Georgia with a significant commitment to adult and continuing education.

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Core membership of the Georgia Adult Education Association is composed of Georgia degree-granting universities and colleges, Technical colleges, and business entities that provide goods and services within the higher education sector. Find out how you can join us today!

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In today's fast-paced, rapidly changing environment, Adult and Continuing Education units must pull together both within our organizations and as a group to demonstrate that we are invaluable to our institutions. The Georgia Adult Education Association (GAEA) serves as an important resource to Adult Educators in Georgia. Our members rely on the Association to provide timely perspectives on issues affecting Georgia educators and vital strategies for responding to these concerns.

We place high priority on meeting the professional development needs of its members. Our conferences, publications, scholarships and public advocacy allow the GAEA to advance professional and continuing education in Georgia by serving more effectively the growing population of Georgia adults and non-traditional students seeking continuous learning opportunities.

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